The World's First Traveling Birth Control Carnival


Did you know only half of the states in the US require sex ed in schools? A depressing statistic, but I found one even worse. Only 13 states have laws in place that require sex ed to be medically accurate. This discovery made me wonder what do the students in 37 states who may or may not be getting the right information, if they're getting any information at all, do to learn about birth control? 


So I came up with my solution to the problem: if schools, local communities, or the internet aren't providing young women with answers, I'll bring the answers right to them in person, and I'll make it fun. And thus Ovaland was created, a traveling birth control carnival that attempts to offer the least biased information available about the many types of birth control that exist. 

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Every ride and game is based on a different method. More permanent methods are rides while those with a higher risk factor are games. And yes, the games are rigged but with a point. The more effective a method, the better chance players have of winning the games.


Brochure with Map and Events Schedule

I also created a dream line up of events and speakers. Throughout the carnival, there would be workshops on how to use barrier methods, counseling for hormonal applications, small and cozy judgment-free Q&As and a tent devoted to sharing information with visitors about their country's and particular state's law regarding birth control and reproductive rights. 


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