Smartha Identity Project

I was asked to create a brand identity for a voice controlled AI home assistant, similar to Amazon's Echo Dot and Google Home. I targeted members of the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations, wanting to show through the logotype and brand introduction that utilizing this technology in their homes is both practical and fun. 

I've always found the names for AI "personalities" to either be too human or too robotic. I chose the name Smartha because it combines a name that is heavily associated with home life, "Martha," with a word that accurately describes the device's technology, "smart." It's fun to say and natural conversationally, but still a little innovative.  


When creating the logotype, I used Roboto Slab because it has both traditional and digital typographic characteristics. I added additional weights onto the straight legs of certain characters to reference audio data bit mapping. When creating the brand introduction motion piece above, I animated my additions to mimic audio waves, a nod to the product's voice-controlled operation. 

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