Totino's Digital Campaign

This campaign was the 1st place winner at the 2016 One Club Creative Bootcamp. Over four days, I worked with a team of four other students to help 72andSunny and their client, Totino's, to create a campaign that celebrated staying in instead of going out on the weekends.

I acted as the creative director for this project, creating pieces that subverted typical "going out rituals" such as pre-gaming, posting outfits on Instagram, and taking selfies for Snapchat that make it clear you're ready for to hang out on your couch, not in a bar. I also acted in our commercial, and yes, I really did brush my teeth with Totino's filling and to be honest, it wasn't too gross. 

My favorite activation from this campaign was coming up with the idea for a real-life pillow that actually looked like a Totino's pizza roll, complete with a warming pocket so you can snack on the couch without fear of your food getting cold.

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