Golden Garbage Zine

You know how sometimes you say something off hand as joke but then people take you seriously and expect you to follow through? Well that's exactly what happened with this Art Nouveau inspired zine. My cash flow was low during this project, so I did what any crafty art student would do: started incorporating my trash into my homework. I would come to critiques with these images joking "I should just make the whole book out of garbage! Totally appropriate way to represent the Art Nouveau movement right?"

Well, it actually turned out quite well! I made a series of images using materials such as candy wrappers, discarded magazine clippings, and bits of broken lace curtains. Coming up with a title for this piece was very fun, I had over fifty ideas in less than thirty minutes, but I came to love "Golden Garbage." It so accurately represents what the reader finds inside. 

Project Process Book

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